Demonstration Videos

Voice Control is a new accessibility feature included in the Apple iOS13 upgrade. Below are short video examples of users taking actions on iPhones by giving voice commands only. The users never touch the screens nor have to hold the devices. V5-V13 show how someone is using Voice Control to play games, even with dragging and dropping.

ID Description Date Time
 V1   CVI Voiceover & Voice Control Introduction & Turn On Features 10/25/19   0:37
 V2    CVI Voiceover & Voice Control Performing Functions 10/25/19   4:37
 V3   CVI Voice Control at a Desk 10/25/19   4:04
 V4   CVI Voice Control in a Vehicle [not recommended] 10/25/19   9:19
 V5   CVI Voice Control Playing Bonza (Compass) 11/05/19   1:07
 V6   CVI Voice Control Playing Bonza (Shapes) 12/15/19   1:04
 V7   CVI Voice Control Playing Solitaire 12/23/19   2:04
 V8    CVI Voice Control Playing Two Dots 12/23/19   2:08
 V9   CVI Voice Control Playing Words with Friends 12/23/19   0:57
V10   CVI Voice Control Playing Bubble Mania 12/23/19   1:44
V11   CVI Voice Control Playing Wordscapes 12/26/19 1:46
V12   CVI Voice Control Playing Color by Numbers Animals 01/04/20 1:42
V13  CVI Voice Control Playing Word Stacks 01/04/20 1:01

If you would like to know how to use Voice Control for a specific use or to play your favorite game, please contact us at:


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